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Automotive HVAC Cleaning / Decontamination Service


Car Mold, Allergen, Odor and Toxic Air Pollutants Removal System.  
HVAC & Interior Deep Cleaning!

We eliminate all that built up mold, pollutants, bacteria, and other toxins completely. Not only that, we completely decontaminate and detail your car as part of our services. This drastically improves your air quality, protects your immune system, reduces carcinogens, and provides a ton of other benefits. As soon as you enter your car after our services you'll be hit with a fresh, clean scent. You'll be able to breathe clearer than ever before.

Improves Air Quality

​​Leaves a Clean Fresh Scent

Assist In Protecting Your Health

Service for Cars, Trucks, Vans/Suvs

Reduces Carcinogens and Chemical Toxins 

School Buse​s

Transit Buses

Reduces SVOCs and VOCs Contaminates

All First Responder Vehicles 
- Police - Fire - Ambulances - 

Reduces Mold and Other Allergens

Private and Government Fleet Service

Eliminates Odors (Including Cigarettes Smoke)

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Our Packages


This service utilizes a proprietary system technology to thoroughly remove foul odors, bacteria, mold spores, nicotine oils, and road grime.


Our most comprehensive air conditioning cleaning and interior decontamination service!  This service utilizes a proprietary system technology.


The ultimate car interior mold removal service. This includes our proprietary hvac clean air system technology.



  1. Wildfire Smoke
    24 Oct, 2019
    Wildfire Smoke
    Wildfire Smoke Odor in Your Vehicle Smoke from Wildfires Directly Impacts You and Your Vehicle. Exposure to smoke from wildfires can be a serious health hazard, causing eye, nose, throat and lung irritation as well as breathing issues; people suffering from heart disease may even experience heart palpitations. The smoke from a wildfire can even be hazardous to your health after it has penetrated your vehicles' ventilation system, it almost always can be smelled. Wildfire smoke can damage the
  2. Car Mold Remediation
    12 Aug, 2019
    Car Mold Remediation
    ​ The Solution Car Mold Remediation and Removal!  ​​Protect Your Health Simply hiring a conventional detail shop to attempt to remediate mold from the interior of your vehicle will not resolve the problem. Blue Trooper will not only eliminate the mold, bacteria, and fungi from the interior but also remove these harmful toxins from the vehicle's evaporator and ventilation system. STANDARD CAR MOLD REMEDIATION INCLUDES (for Cars, RVs, Boats, and Aircraft):  ​ Seat and panel removal All interior
  3. Toxic Air And You
    12 Aug, 2015
    Toxic Air And You
    Did you know? Tests show that the air quality inside your car can be five times worse than what you are breathing outside your car. ​​ Blue Trooper’s Automotive HVAC Odor Removal Team can help improve the air quality inside your car, truck, van, and RVs making your heating and cooling systems perform more efficiently, producing pure fresh, toxin-free air. ​ All the air circulated through your cabin passes through the evaporator core first, then the heater, then out through the vents into the
  4. Petrochemical Smoke
    12 Aug, 2015
    Petrochemical Smoke
    ​Blue Trooper's proprietary system technology, we will safely and effectively eliminate Petrochemical fire smoke. Petrochemical fire substance, residue, or particles from the plume (smoke)  in Your Vehicle.    Authorities say, the tiniest particles, which can only be seen under a microscope, can lodge deep within the lungs and enter the bloodstream, causing lung and heart problems. Exposure to smoke from Petrochemical fires can be a serious health hazard, causing eye, nose, throat and lung

What Our Customers Had To Say

  1. When I visited Houston, TX I had Blue Trooper remove odor from my cars a/c system; amazing, clean smelling, fresh air came forth. Thanks!
    Joe K
  2. I've suffered from allergies most of my life, I never thought my car's a/c triggered my allergy attacks. Thank you Blue Trooper, the quality of life is much better.
    Allison B.
  3. I feel clean in my car and don't use air fresheners to cover car odor anymore. Wow, amazing!!
    Malik T.
  4. My daughter suffers from asthma, knowing Blue Trooper cleaned my a/c systems from potential causes, gives me a peace of mind.
    Doris S.