​​ Mold and Other Toxins Thrive in Your Car’s A/C with Little or No Smell… 
Schedule Clean Air Service
Automotive HVAC Cleaning / Decontamination Service and Certification
VOCs, Allergen, and Odor Remediation

Vehicle I​​nterior Petrochemical Smoke
​and Toxic Air Pollutants Removal.  
HVAC Deep Cleaning

Assists in Protecting Health

Improves Air Quality

Reduces Carcinogens and Chemical Toxins 

Reduces SVOCs and VOCs Contaminates

Reduces Mold and Other Allergens

Eliminates Odors (
Including Cigarettes Smoke)

​​Leaves a Clean Fresh Scent

Service for Cars, Trucks, Vans/Suvs

School Buses

Transit Buses

​All First Responder Vehicles 
- Police - Fire - Ambulances - 

Private and Government Fleet Service

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Advanced high-tech cleaning procedure 

Proprietary cleaning technology system to thoroughly remove volatile organic compounds, mold spores, air pollutants, bacteria, foul odors,  nicotine oils, and road grime.


Service for a clean decontaminated vehicle  hvac system.

for your health in mind.

Highly ​effective air purification service

We restore clean healthy quality air in any vehicle ventilation system.

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Don't try to mask unpleasant odors with air fresheners: Our mobile service eliminates them at the source... 
Accumulation of road contaminants, chemical toxins, bacteria, mold spores and fungi are growing deep within your vehicle’s A/C and heating ventilation system. ​
What customers are saying about us.
I've suffered from allergies most of mylife, I never thought my car's a/c triggered my allergy attacks. Thank you Blue Trooper, the quality of life is much better.

                                 Allison B.

My daughter suffers from asthma, knowing Blue Trooper cleaned my a/c systems from potential causes, gives me a piece of mind.

​                           Doris S.

I feel clean in my car and don't use air fresheners to cover odor anymore. Wow amazing!!

                            Malik T.

I had Blue Trooper treat my a/c system; amazing, clean smelling, fresh air came forth. Thanks!

                                Ron K.