​​ Mold and Other Toxins Thrive in Your Car’s A/C with Little or No Smell… 
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Automotive HVAC Cleaning / Decontamination Service and Certification
VOCs, Allergen, and Odor Remediation

Car Mold, Odor 
​and Toxic Air Pollutants Removal System.  
HVAC & Interior Deep Cleaning

Improves Air Quality

Assist In Protecting Your Health

Reduces Carcinogens and Chemical Toxins 

Reduces SVOCs and VOCs Contaminates

Reduces Mold and Other Allergens

Eliminates Odors (
Including Cigarettes Smoke)

​​Leaves a Clean Fresh Scent

Service for Cars, Trucks, Vans/Suvs

School Buses

Transit Buses

​All First Responder Vehicles 
- Police - Fire - Ambulances - 

Private and Government Fleet Service

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Advanced high-tech cleaning procedure 

Proprietary cleaning technology system to thoroughly remove volatile organic compounds, mold spores, air pollutants, bacteria, foul odors,  nicotine oils, and road grime.


Service for a clean decontaminated vehicle  hvac system.

for your health in mind.

Highly ​effective air purification service

We restore clean healthy quality air in any vehicle ventilation system.

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Don't try to mask unpleasant odors with air fresheners: Our mobile service eliminates them at the source... 
Accumulation of road contaminants, chemical toxins, bacteria, mold spores and fungi are growing deep within your vehicle’s A/C and heating ventilation system. ​
What customers are saying about us.
When I visited Houston, TX I had Blue Trooper remove odor from my cars a/c system; amazing, clean smelling, fresh air came forth. Thanks!

                             Joe K.

I've suffered from allergies most of mylife, I never thought my car's a/c triggered my allergy attacks. Thank you Blue Trooper, the quality of life is much better.

                                 Allison B.

My daughter suffers from asthma, knowing Blue Trooper cleaned my a/c systems from potential causes, gives me a piece of mind.

​                           Doris S.

I feel clean in my car and don't use air fresheners to cover car odor anymore. Wow amazing!!

                            Malik T.