Petrochem Contaminate Removal

Eliminate Petrochemical Smoke and Contaminates

The Solution To Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Interior and Ventilation System. Breathe clean, fresh air in your vehicle!

Having a conventional detail shop to remove harmful toxins from your vehicle’s interior will not resolve the problem. Because ash and debris get trapped in the HVAC system, the interior becomes recontaminated when the air conditioner or heater is engaged.

Blue Trooper eliminates petrochemical chemical substances, residue, ash, and microscopic particles from the interior. It removes these harmful toxins from the vehicle heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Standard contaminate particle removal includes:

  • HVAC system cleaned and sanitized.

  • Cabin air filter replacement.

  • All interior surfaces will be cleaned & sanitized.

  • Carpets / upholstery shampooed & water extraction.

  • Carpets / upholstery steam cleaned & decontaminated.

  • Highly effective air-scrubbing and deodorization process.

  • Surface treatment with a solution of detergent and water.

Service Guaranteed!

Our techs will come to your place to properly clean the vehicle’s interior and sanitize the HVAC System to deliver pure, sanitized air for you to breathe.

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