Car Mold Remediation

The Solution Car Mold Remediation and Removal!

Protect Your Health

Simply hiring a conventional detail shop to attempt to remediate mold from the interior of your vehicle will not resolve the problem.

Blue Trooper will not only eliminate the mold, bacteria, and fungi from the interior but also remove these harmful toxins from the vehicle’s evaporator and ventilation system.

Standard Car Mold Remediation

Cars, RVs, Boats, and Aircraft

  • Seat and panel removal
  • All interior surfaces cleaned & sanitized
  • Carpets / upholstery shampooed & water extraction cleaned
  • Highly effective air-scrubbing and deodorization process
  • Interior disinfection with our proprietary non-toxic plant-based enzyme mold and bacteria treatment. Our plant-based solution works long after application to inhibit future mold and bacteria growth.
  • Windows cleaned
  • HVAC system cleaned and sanitized
  • Cabin filter replacement

Our tech will come to your location to ensure that your vehicle’s interior is cleaned and HVAC System delivers pure, sanitized air for you to breathe.

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