Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire Smoke Odor in Your Vehicle

Smoke from Wildfires Directly Impacts You and Your Vehicle.

Exposure to smoke from wildfires can be a serious health hazard, causing eye, nose, throat and lung irritation as well as breathing issues; people suffering from heart disease may even experience heart palpitations.

The smoke from a wildfire can even be hazardous to your health after it has penetrated your vehicles’ ventilation system, it almost always can be smelled. Wildfire smoke can damage the ventilation system and the interior of your vehicle in the form of smoke stains, as well as deeply embedding odors into the interior and deep into the ventilation system,

Adults, children and anyone with allergies, asthma, respiratory conditions or compromised immune systems need to take special care when wildfire smoke contaminates your vehicle. Know what your limits and restrictions are with smoke exposure.

Utilizing a proprietary system technology, Blue Trooper will safely and effectively eliminate wildfire smoke damage to your vehicles’ ventilation system at the core. Simply Detailing or reupholstering your vehicle’s interior WILL NOT solve the problem, the air in your vehicle will remain contaminated.

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