Houston, TX


Industries We Serve

Whether you have one or a fleet of Cars, Trucks or Vans that need the ventilation cleaned and sanitized, Blue Trooper can help keep you, your family and employees’ Driving Environment Clean and Safe. 

​A wide range of individuals and businesses in Houston, TX take advantage of our professional automobile HVAC ventilation system cleaning services. We utilize amazing, groundbreaking, technology so you can have this highly effective air purification service restore odor-free, fresh air to any vehicle equipped with an air conditioner and heating system.

Blue Trooper proudly services the following industries:

  • Individuals
  • Automobile Care Industry
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • New / Used Car Dealers
  • Car / Health Insurance industry
  • Occupational Health & Safety 
  • Risk Management 
  • School Buses
  • Transit Buses
  • Car Rental Companies 
  • Uber / Lyft / Taxi Service
  • Limousine & Chauffeur
  • Services
  • Small & Large Company Fleets
  • Federal, State, & Local Govt.
  • Fleets

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