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​It​ i​s our opinion and a fact, Mercedes-Benz designs​ and​ ​manufactures​
a well built HVAC system​.

Regardless of make and model,​ ​all automotive HVAC system​s​​​ accumulate bacteria, fungi​,​ mold​,​ and mildew​;​
​they may or may not emit ​noxious odors.....

This​ bio accumulation is due to condensation build​-​up in the vehicle​'​s evaporator​,​ which in turn act​s​
as a​n ​incubator for these odor causing contaminant​​s.


Blue Trooper has tailored ​a technology to purify the​ fungi-laden air in all
Mercedes-Benz models​.​

Our tech will come to your location to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz HVAC System
delivers pure, sanitized air for you to breathe....


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